Friday, 14 June 2013

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when I look at this woman I have an irresistible urge to fashion myself the same way... yes I am male. of course I am male.

but ladies and gentlemen look at the person in the picture... apart from her face is there any other part in her body that a man can not emulate or possess? I guess not... she is not showing cleavage... she is not flaunting a huge bust or hip... she is tender elegant and exquisite...

yes. a saree looks drab without a certain bulge in the chest... but a man can very well create that bulge!!! you say that's artificial? but so are body piercings or any other accessories for that matter... just like pins and buttons and seams in the right places keep a shirt/suit/jacket in the right shape, so will an artificially created bulge keep a blouse in the right place, adding to the aesthetic value.

say, I have collarbones and a narrow shoulder to match that of a woman... I am slender and my waist smoothly bulges giving way to a perky firm buttock. so I can very well go to a salon tomorrow, get all my body and facial hair removed... trim my eyebrows curl my lashes... get a skin treatment and a hair treatment, and walk down any road confident and beautiful in the same setup as this lady.


this 'I' is not me the writer of this blog alone. this 'I' is innumerable number of men around the globe who think the same thought as mine. and the most important thing is that I do not consider it as 'crossdressing'... it's just another fashion choice... a way or manner in which I want to dress myself, the way I want everyone else to see me. it's just like finding a particular shirt or t-shirt you like and then finding accessories and looks that go well with it.

if we set aside the fantasies the fetishes and all other theories generally associated with 'crossdressing', this question comes to the forefront! it's not like I want to be a lady or feel like one... it's just that I want to wear a particular type of clothing.... that too not always. the fact that I want to dress in a saree today doesn't mean I won't wear trousers tomorrow... I do not abhor male clothes... I love them, and wear them happily. just that I want to do the same with 'female clothes', be it a sari or a halter top.

so what do you think my dear reader? should we really label this as 'crossdressing' and then fight for equal treatment or validity from society? or should we treat it just as a fashion choice and transcend the categorizations and labels?  for me the later seems the more logical and natural thing to do... let's hear from you... is it a fashion choice for you? or is it something else???

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