Saturday, 9 March 2013

A little bit of this and a litle bit of that...

so... you get all excited by thinking of yourself as a woman, with perfect breasts, a smooth body, clean shaven armpits(oh yes, I have a thing for armpits), a deep as a crevice cleavage, sporting a sizzling sleeveless dress as you walk down the streets, to the admiration of the lot around you. Don't you?

of course you do... otherwise you wouldn't have been here... if you disagree then you are just in denial. Everyone, and I mean everyone with some thinking capacity and some aesthetic sense wants to possess a gorgeous body and wear beautiful and sexy clothes showing off their curves and their skin(a lot of it).

BUT does everyone desire to be a fully functional woman? As for me, NO. I have always been attracted to(the bodies of) men creating the illusion of femininity, cross dressers, drag queens or transvestites, my fantasies involve crossdressers who retain something which was a quintessential part of their male self... If I go out in drag, I'll proudly sport my adam's apple, or a beard even...that adds to the appeal of it... like this gorgeous drag queen 'Ongina'... her greatness comes from 
her baldness (btw bald women are cool too) ... this mixing of traits... this androgynous appearance is 'sexy'... it is THE SEXY... it is about blurring the lines... mixing and matching... and that my dear genderqueers is what style is all about... signing off with this great pic of Conchita Wurst for you.... oh and care to weigh in ???

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