Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cato André Lund Gulbrandsen

I haven't done a full fledged wonderkid post for a long time, and the Androgyny section has been gathering dust. One of the reasons of this lack of post has been that I didn't see anyone new and exciting enough to post about. The androgynous models seem to have all fallen in a line, a line albeit glamorous but at the same time boring. But recently I came across this beautiful guy from Norway - Scandinavia again! I know, right! - This guy is essentially a make up artist, who does occasional modelling.

What's so special about him is that he does not replicate a size zero model, instead - en-femme he is your pretty next door neighbour, with some measurable body mass index, just like a real girl.He could have easily been another brilliant youtube make-up tutor/vlogger, but just that he is not into that as of now. To me he comes across as really pretty, and I have a tickling sensation that you'll find him irresistibly sexy as well. I don't think he has been blogged about before, but for everyone, there is a start, right? So, without further ado, let me present to you Cato André Lund Gulbrandsen, from Norway.


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He is so very cute, whether en-femme or otherwise, right?

As, I said, your regular you-tuber!!

This one totally takes my breath away!!!

A little less provocative, or may be more, for some...

When this...
...goes to this.

 The arm connoiseur in me is going nuts at the moment!!!

If that does not float your boat, I don't know what does!!!

And to wrap it up -

You can find him, and his works, here -
Epitome of hotness - and those arms!!!

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